Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So I haven't posted in a long time. What to say... I find it hard what to say on Facebook. The new and final season of LOST has begun. Sad, but excited. Zoi is trying to potty train... She doesn't like to keep her diaper on, but won't consistently go in the toilet. So we are going to try the candy as a reward for pottying in the toilet... we'll see if that works. Her favorite movies right now are Scooby Doo and Hotel for Dogs (the puppy show). I am so sick of those shows. Majerle is doing well in her rocket math. She is on letter R. Stockton is doing well in school, but tries to hurry on his homework and needs to slow down. He loves going outside and wants to go out every day even if it's cold. Rylee will be 3 months old on Saturday... crazy how time flies. She is a very smiley baby and wants to sit up so bad... she hasn't even rolled over yet. I wouldn't be surprised if she walks before Zoi did (8 months). When I get microsoft word back on my computer I am going to finish my cookbook I've been making!! It will recipes we all love and will have pics of everything too. Can't wait!! I'm sure it will continue to be a work in progress, because one day a week will be NEW RECIPE week. The kids are going to start taking turns cooking too. My goal is to get organized this year. We'll see how well that works. Not very organized if you ask me. I'm working on clutter too. Can't stand it, but with kids sometimes it just happens. I've tried chore charts, lists, things that can be organized, etc... if you know of anything that works for you let me know... maybe I can try it. I am getting a computer armoire... that will help with the computer clutter. I really just need to start filing the papers I have. I made granola bars the other day. I think I'm going to try a peanut butter coating next time. Once I've perfected it, maybe I'll post the recipe. Totally haven't kept up on my recipe of the week... Yeah... I don't have time to post that. I can't keep up with my house any more... Zoi is too quick to dump toys out. Got my living room clean the other day and before I could get the vacuum out she had dumped the basket of baby toys... AAARRRGGGG!!! Stockton is turning 6 in March. He has just realized there is such a thing as scouts. He can't wait until he is old enough to join. Majerle has gotten weaving looms for Christmas and just loves to try things out. She has made a few hot pads. Rylee hadn't pooped for 3 days. Then she decided it was time. I was giving Zoi a bath and Chris said I think Rylee pooped. It was up her back, front, sides all the way up to her armpits. Camera isn't working, but I'm sure she'll do it again. At least it's still breastmilk poop!! gotta love it!!


  1. woot woot
    You are awesome!!!
    I was quite shocked to see you had posted. :)
    we liked the granola bars. they had a little more cinnamon or something than we would put in but my kids ate them and asked for more. :) I think PB would be great!!!
    I am thinking about starting a new blog that is completely private and just a journal so I can print it and be done. THen maybe I would really journal.

  2. I miss seeing you on fb so I am excited to see that you updated your blog. That is awesome that Zoi is already starting potty training. I am the world's worst potty trainer so my kids are always behind. Ben likes going on the toilet but doesn't tell me until after he's gone in his diaper so I don't know what to do. Anyway, how are you? I can tell you are super busy - four kids do that to you but are you feeling good? All recovered from new baby and are you getting any sleep?