Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow... If only I was a good blogger! What have we done recently? Well Chris and I (mostly Chris) have taken up crocheting. I made hats and a couple of ties. He has made several different types of hats and slippers. The kids love their hats and he enjoys it. I don't find the time to sit and do it. I guess I could, but oh well. We love to do Crafty Wooden Projects. I got a Cricut this last year and we have been crafting away! We made a game. We have made maden block projects, who my friend Kelly is now reaping the benefits. I got to see my friend Kelly have a baby. That was the coolest thing ever! I always thought that it was the closest to God you can get right now without praying, etc. But wow! I'm usually on the other end pushing. What a wonderful blessing to have Kelly in my life and to be able to help her through that while her husband was overseas.
I have now been the Primary President for almost a year. What a chaotic life. I never think Sunday is going to go well and it always seems to do fine. I hope the kids are listening and then I get papers from them or hear their testimonies on Sunday.

Chris is working for DIRECTV and has his awesome hobbies on the side!! He is such a help with the kids. I realized the other day. I don't think I've bathed Rylee or Zoi for the last 6 months. I don't even ask, he just does! Every Tuesday and Wednesday he lets me go to Majerle and Stockton's class and help at school. If I have daycare kids he watches them. He is the best husband I could ever ask for!! Chris is now the new cubmaster for our ward. He is excited and willing to do anything!!

Majerle is in the third grade and loves it. She has Mrs. Long who is a wonderful teacher. She gets to be involved in the wax museum this year. Majerle is going to be Susan B. Anthony. She is such a happy person. She loves to sing and dance. We are trying to think of an activity to put her in. Not sports she says.

Stockton is so energetic. He is in Mrs. Hood's 1st grade class. He loves it! He is going to do flag football this year because he will be 7!! He is very coordinated. He is starting to read really well if he would just slow down... Sometimes it just doesn't fit in his busy little life.

Zoi is full of energy too. She loves Diego, Dora and Strawberry Shortcake. She loves to be outside and tease her siblings. She loves to draw all over everything! And I mean everything... carpets, walls, drawers, doors, herself and her clothing. She likes to help when mom has the patience for her.

Rylee is such a sweetie. She is learning to fold her arms and give lots of hugs. She laughs and sings Diego all the time. She climbs up everything and gets into most things. She loves to tote around any baby doll she can find.

We recently found a website that has a bunch of do-it-yourself projects... that I hope to accomplish some this summer!! We get to go to Seattle for Spring Break this year!! WOO HOO!! We can't wait. I'm going to make back seat pockets for the kids to put their stuff in. I'd better get on that!!

I'll post some pics later... I hope.