Monday, July 11, 2011

cheerios book

So I wrote this story awhile ago, added to it to put it in the cheerios book contest. So we'll see if it gets published. I wonder how much they will change it if they do accept it. I won't know until October or something, then they announce the winner in March 2012. The winner gets $5,000. The 2 runner ups get $1000.

The Beautician

I'm Erma! When I was four years old my younger sister La La and I loved to play with each other. She was always willing to do whatever I told her to do. We had the prettiest blonde hair, cut to the middle of our backs with bangs. Sometimes your bangs can get a little long. Then it would get harder and harder to see. I guess when you start running into walls it's time for a haircut.
It was always fun going to the salon. you get to ride in the chair that take you up in the hight forest where you can see all of your land as a princess. then having a shield draped over you so the hair falling down wouldn't make you itchy. Because honestly, what kind of a princess wants to be itchy? then when you are done you are the most beautiful princess of all. Everyone tells you so!
My mom decided one day that La La and I needed haircuts. She made the mistake of saying that out loud. I was so excited!! I could do it. I had been to the salon many times with my siblings. I've always wanted to make someone else a princess.

I went to the drawer where I knew the scissors were kept. my mom was busy making bread. We'd be done before she even knew we were gone. So we went to the bathroom. The beautician was in business. I went ahead and gave La La and I a new haircut. I started with La La to make sure I was doing it right. I thought the long hair was beautiful, but running into walls wasn't. so I started with the bangs. I shortened them. Not all the way though. I decided about the width of my fingers was plenty long. They wouldn't be in my way for sure! That wasn't so bad. She looked like a beautiful princess. So I was finished with my hair. Carefully looking in the mirror so I didn't mess it up! What a masterpiece I had made!! We were the most beautiful princesses in the land!

After I was done my mom found us. Boy was I in trouble! I just knew I was by the look on my mom's face. She didn't have to say anything to me I just started crying. My mom left the bathroom and came back with the camera. She snapped a picture of us! La La was all smiles and I was crying my eyes out. I don't think I really got in trouble, because how do you get mad at a princess? So for the next few months I was reminded of what I did... in pictures!


  1. Very cute! What a great contest. Good luck on first prize. That would be awesome! Remember us when you become a published author. :)

  2. Fun!!! You will have to keep us posted of how the contest goes.