Monday, March 2, 2009

Last week's fun

Majerle had a program at school on civil rights. It was very cute. She did a very good job singing all of the songs. She even had a speaking part.

Stockton and out co-op preschool went to the firestation last week. It was a lot of fun. The alarms even came on because they had a call, but it turned out to be a false alarm. We then got to continue our tour. They got to see where they slept, ate, and went to school. They got to see all of their gear and inside the trucks and the ambulance. It was fun.
The kids in the van

Zoi at Majerle's Program

I painted a name board for Stockton.

Chris painted this one for Zoi. Very cute.

Majerle decided she wanted a mirror instead of a name board. So she painted her own mirror for her room. It turned out pretty cute. She obviously put her name on it too. Lots of invented colors too. Love the imagination.


  1. Great projects!
    The firestation looks fun!

  2. The patents are for at his work and honestly I don't even know all the details of it. Some wife I am But they are his and his name is on both of them and he got paid for them. Even better. The Camaro... he was an industrial design major at BYU and they worked on the new look for the camaro. He is modest, but you know the camaro from Transformers, That car was based off Christian's design. In the underground camaro world his designs and his name is mentioned about it and they even emailed him the link a long time ago. But he didn't get any real credit or money. But I think it is way cool.

    My boys went to the firestation for preschool a couple of weeks ago and loved loved it.

    Sorry for the long post.

  3. that is funny (the ron weasley comment). I have gotten that comment a handful of times when we let his hair go long. I can see it but I think he is much cuter too.