Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blog what?

So it has been forever since I updated this. Life just gets going and.... well you all know. So S has graduated from Preschool and is now ready to start Kindergarten. Z is getting into everything and M is almost done with the first grade!!!

Last month was crazy. I had to speak in our spanish branch... in spanish. For those that don't know me very well. I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH! So with Chris' help I read my talk. I had most of it traslated from a talk in the Liahona. Then Chris helped me translate my intro and my testimony. I read the whole thing in spanish. I had everyone listening... I guess that was good. But I was way nervous. Chris said I did a good job, but he has to say that. We have also sang in the spanish branch. Let me tell you that singing is way easier in spanish that speaking it.

S favorite word in my talk was posibilidades. Yes that means possibilities. He's been paying attention to the stupid commercials on tv. One week it was "mom we need to get Egglands best eggs, because they are the best egg." Then the next week it was "Mom we need possibilities." It took me longer to figure out what that was. It is campbles soup.. MMM good, possibilities. Their jingle.

I also did S preschool graduation. I made them caps and a little scrapbook. They sang a few songs, did the pledge of allegiance and told what they learn. It was very cute overall.

The big news with Chris and I if you haven't already heard... we are having another baby. I am 13 weeks along and we are NOT going to find out what this one is! This should be fun. Like my friend Kat said... it's not like it's going to change the sex of it if you do find out. True. We thought that this would be fun.

If it's a boy it will be Jonas. For a girl... Chris likes Rylee. I don't know if I like that, but I'm getting use to it. On the girl name the middle name has to rhyme with M and Z middle name. M is Elise and Z is Patreece. I didn't realize they rhymed until my cousin Denise said they rhyme. So if it's a girl it has to rhyme. Any ideas? We have thought of Janice. So we are excited. S says he wants a girl, but always talks about his brother Jonas.


  1. Congrats! That is great news. So when is the due date? That's awesome that you're not going to find out the sex. I couldn't do that.

  2. Congrats! I Like Analise or Alise (sp?)

  3. congratulations! I didn't realize you had a blog, just saw on facebook you updated. cute family! does you hubby happen to be related to a shane dixon? My friend Dixie (riley's ex gfriend) married him.....there is a link to them on my blog. anywho, just saw your last name and wondered. hope you're doing well and feeling well :)

  4. Wahoo!!! Your back! You have been missed! I think it is exciting to not find out. :) The real test is when you are in the ultrasound and they ask...just say no. :) It is always tempting.

  5. So glad you are back. and wahoo. I am excited for you guys. to have a new little one. I can say at this point I am glad it isn't me.