Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stockton's Birthday

Stockton's Cake

Letter from the Jedi Council

On their Jedi Quest

Stockton and his friends

Awesome Jedi Decor

So last Saturday I had 8 little 6 year old boys at Stockton's birthday party. We had to do a Star Wars The Clone Wars party. We had fun decorating. The cake was made out of.... twinkies. Boys: Will, Rhyss, Dallas, Reid, Gavin, Ty, Korbin and of course, Stockton. We had the boys show up and they played the wii for a few minutes. After the wii everyone was there so we had Papa Murphy's Pizza and soda. Then we played a game where they had to keep a balloon off the floor with a light saber. Yes it was harder than it sounded. But the boys had fun. Then they had a scavenger hunt. They read a letter from the Jedi Council that Chris had made up. Then all the clues were written like they were from Master Yoda. So it took them a minute to figure out where to go. At the end of the hunt was their gift bags from the party, that they got to take home. Then it was time to open presents. When that rowdiness was done they had cake. Really only about 3 or 4 of them actually ate the cake... I guess twinkies with purple and blue frosting isn't that appealing to a 6 year old. Then it was time for everyone to leave... I was ready to take a nap. During the party Majerle and Zoi and Daddy got to go on a date. They went to Carl's Jr and played on the toys. Then they went to Old Navy and got sunglasses. Of course, they also went to the dollar store and got something. I'm pretty sure Stockton and his friends had fun. Will came up to me after they got their gift bags and said, "Sis. Dixon, this is the best birthday party ever!"

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