Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zoi's Cat Scan

If you know Zoi at all, the girl doesn't stop! Ever! She hasn't taken naps since she was one, except when I desperately need one and we lay down together. She climbs up everything and is very independent. Yesterday, despite my efforts to keep her down, she climbed up on the table. Which she does on occasion, okay every day. She fell this time and hit her head. She didn't get a bumb, just a bruise. I checked to see if her eyes were dialating, because she kept saying she was cold and tired, and her head hurt. She was okay so I let her fall asleep. She slept about 1 1/2 hrs with me walking by every fifteen minutes to bump her to make sure she opened her eyes quick or moved. Chris gets home, I have dinner ready, and she throws up. Chris went and put her in the bath. She doesn't like puke on her... who does. So he starts feeding the kids really quick as I call the doctor. Dr. Armijo calls me back and says, "You need to take her up now." I just start crying. So we call Gina Mills and she takes Majerle and Stockton. Chris gave Zoi a blessing on the way up. We take Zoi and Rylee up to the hospital. On the way Zoi starts throwing up two more times. We get to the hospital and have to take Rylee's other blanket in so Zoi can have a blanket. Before she checks in she informs us that she farted. Thanks. At least the guy that was checking us in got a laugh. She gets checked in and does really well until they pull the curtain in the room shut so we can have privacy. She didn't like that. She starts crying. I try to put the blanket around her, but she doesn't like it because it's Rylee's. So Chris snuggles her close. She sees the sink and has to wash her hands twice, of course. Then we figure out there's a tv and try to find something for Zoi to watch at eight o'clock at night. Wasn't easy. Finally a nurse practitioner checked her out and said just because it was on the side of her head and she's been throwing up they need to do a cat scan. I'm trying to hold it together. Then I take her back and Chris stays with Rylee. While we are walking away she is saying, "Where's my daddy?" I let her know we need to take a picture and we'll see daddy and Rylee in a minute. So we walk to the cat scan room. I lay her on the bed and they give her a teddy bear. She grabs it quick and holds onto it. Then the lady takes the sheet and wraps it over her from side to side. She then puts the shield blanket on. I almost lost it. My eyes started filling up, but I knew I had to keep it together. I also get a shield on because I got to hold her head still. She starts to cry and I told her this won't take long, we are just taking a picture. I held her face and started to count. She moved a little the first time, so I think that's why they sent her through again. It only took about 34 seconds. They said it would take 1/2 an hour for the results. Then we went back to the room with daddy and Rylee. She sat with dad while I nursed Rylee. Finally the nurse practitioner came in and gave her a nausea pill. Then they finally came in and said there were no fractures and she was okay..... whew! So they discharged us and we went back to the van.... that smelled like puke. Thankfully our little girl was coming home and okay... I can handle the puke smell until it gets cleaned out, TODAY!!

When school had gotten out yesterday Majerle came home and said she got a part in the "Little Red Hen" play that they are doing in April!! She's so excited to be a farmer. We are going to Joann's Fabric and I am going to make her a very cute farmer skirt!!


  1. wow that is quite the story. Isn't that the worst seeing your baby go through that? (even if she isn't a baby) Glad that she is okay. I think it is always harder on the moms.

  2. It is definitely harder on the moms! (and dads)
    We are all happy that Zoi is ok. What a crazy adventure. Good job with the pics. Everyone needs wound documentation. :)