Thursday, January 8, 2009

Okay I finally got a new background. The cutest blog on the spot is down right now so I used a different one. I got Kat added to Facebook!! Now I'm sure her husband is practicing voodoo on me because I have a headache today. Just kidding about the voodoo. I decided that I'm going to have a recipe of the week on here. My cousin Brad's wife on their website have recipes. I thought that would be very fun. So look for a recipe on my blog. I'll have to think of some other ideas to put on here. Maybe a craft for kids to do with you once a week or something.


  1. Cute background! I am glad I could be of service...I am sorry about the voodoo, I told him to go for your foot if he absolutely had to do it. I think the head is a cheap shot! R U going to Volleyball tonight?

  2. Your blog is looking great. and I like the recipe of the week idea.