Monday, January 12, 2009

What's important

Saturday night I asked M if she wanted to stay at her dad's another night or go to church and she said I don't care if I go to church or not. I hung up the phone. It was his weekend and usually we pick them up for church, I think that is very important. I was upset all weekend. Not knowing what to say to her when she got home. Our lessons in church definitely helped. When they got home they were sent straight to the bath and after they were done we sat down and talked. We decided to let them know why we attend church. We told them they get to take the sacrament every Sunday. It helps us remember Jesus and that he died and suffered for our sins so we can live with him again. We also told them that they get to go and learn more about Jesus. M is getting baptized this year and I think that's what upset me the most. I will pray every night that they will be able to make the right choices. But Chris and I realized that we need to make some changes too. We always read the scriptures at night as a family. We use the Book of Mormon for Latterday Saint Families. It has extra quotes and questions at the bottom to help children and adults understand better and makes you think about what you are reading. Last night we did something different. We had the kids get their scriptures. M can read so we had her read a few verses. S just held his Book of Mormon. Chris went through and stopped every few verses and asked questions. I hope this works better. They always asked questions, but M reading will help her understand better too.

I always hope that I can be a good example to my kids so they will want to go to church later in life. Sometimes it just takes a jolt to realize I need to do more.

When I went to check on them at bedtime both of them had tears in their eyes. I told them I loved them and we weren't mad. I was just disappointed. I told them it's good that they want to spend time with their dad. But they need to be the example to him too. They don't have prayers at all over there. We told them they need to say prayers together. Even if their dad doesn't want to. They can say them together. They can tell their dad they want to go to church. They can tell him that they want to say prayers. They should want their dad to be a better person so he can see them sealed in the temple one day.

I hope we were good examples to them last night. I hope they will remember who they are and remember that we love them.


  1. You are a wonderful MOM!!! I am so happy that your family had this experience. Keep it up! :)

  2. You are so motivating. If you didn't get through to them you were definately a great example to me. I think even as adults we forget why we do the things we do and get complacent. You are awesome!!!