Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Favorite Elder

We had an awesome Hawaiian missionary here named Elder Alisa. Chris was actually friends with his brother in the MTC (small world). So we got to know him really well. He would come over to have dinner when they didn't have it. Even if I had to throw them food through the door because Chris wasn't here. We always like to make sure the missionaries are fed. Especially if we like them. Elder Alisa would bring his ukelele over once in awhile and sing to us. He had a very good voice. One of the songs he would sing for us was "Somewhere over the Rainbow" the version on our blogspot. So the other day it started playing when I pulled up our blog. Stockton heard it and said, "When is Elder Alisa going to come here again?" I told him, "In the summer." He said,"He has to live in that other place for a long time!" I said,"Well the summer is when he gets to go home and is done with his mission. Then he'll be able to come over in his jeans and t-shirt and not a suit." He said, "Oh... then he'll be a real man." The thoughts of a four year old. Some of the things kids say you just have to share. They are just too funny not to!


  1. Oh to be a real man...
    That is awesome!

  2. that is cute. Hopefully he will always remember that is how he can be a real man. I love it.